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Can’t Make it to St. Louis? See Dan Flavin at the MCA

April 21, 2008

If you can’t make it to St. Louis to see “Dan Flavin: Constructed Light” at the St. Louis Art Museum but were intrigued by the review online, don’t worry, Chicago has a really great example right here in town.  Head down to the Museum of Contemporary Art (tomorrow, they’re closed today) where there are several shows on display right now: “Karen Kilimnik,” “Collection Highlights” and “Recent Acquisitions.”  Those seeking out the florescent of Flavin should head to the “Recent Acquisitions” section on the third floor.  Purposely occupying the corner is a Flavin grid of florescent lights that create a soft and subtle field of color along the wall.  If you have only seen Flavin’s work with white florescent (the Monument for V. Tatlin series) the work with color is quite different, it feels much more emotional and transcendent, which is a good feeling to get from something as commonplace and mundane as a florescent tube.  Out of the entire show, the Flavin work is one of the best pieces on display.  Don’t miss it when you visit Kilimnik.

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