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Happy Earth Day People!

April 22, 2008

I’m not one for made up holidays, I am still wondering where “Sweetest Day” came from, but Earth Day at least has its heart in the right place. So in celebration of Earth Day I am passing on an environmentally friendly art exhibit. This exhibit is in Milwaukee, but if anyone has an environmentally related exhibit here in Chicago feel free to add it.

Seeing Green is an exhibit that is curated by Nicolas Lampert and includes 40 artists. Based at the Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee, the exhibit also goes beyond the confines of the gallery. There will be upcoming lectures and also includes “public interventions,” a term Lampert likes to use to describe politically charged art that enters the public sphere. I appreciate the term because it reminds me of how one might stage an intervention for an addict, and even President Bush admits we are addicted to oil (I think we’re just addicted to consumption in general).

Take Jesse Graves’ Mud Stencils (above) made from mud applied through stencil to a building, the same way some graffiti is, these stencils are street art that neither damage the environment (through releasing toxic fumes as an aerosol can might) nor private property. This image reminds the viewer that the only thing a biker, or walker for that matter, needs for fuel is water, safe and non-polluting.

From their website:

“Seeing Green encourages artists to leave the confines of the studio and take an active role with the community, to collaborate and address issues of the environment, and to open a dialog with the public. Guest curator Nicolas Lampert invited over 40 local artists to work on a project for the duration of eight months. During the month of April, 2008 the show will be exhibited at Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the gallery will serve as a hub space, informing the viewer and the public of the many environmental projects taking place throughout the city, exhibiting visual work and books, screening films and holding discussions and events based around the exhibition.”

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