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The Tragedy of the Rich and Tasteless

February 17, 2009

As a critic I frequently ask myself: What’s the importance of taste? and depending on the circumstance, time and company the answer varies widely. However, I do believe that developing one’s taste in the arts, be that visual art, music, literature or poetry, is essential to one’s development as an individual.

But what’s really at stake here? Is developing taste really important? All the people with money are the taste-makers anyways, right?

The answers to these questions hit me like lightning in the form of Michael Jackson’s estate auction. Here is a man who had all the money in the world, but could not buy good taste (or decent financial planners). For proof of my assertion that the development of taste is linked to the development of the individual, look no further than this example. Click here to go to the estate sale of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's auction: Michael Jackson's golf cart

A close-up of the image of Jackson as Peter Pan
Photograph: Shaan Kokin/Julien’s Auctions
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